The Story Of Hooked Seafood Co. - at the Galleria 7 - Plaza 7 Commons - Rte 7 Latham NY

Our Story

Hooked Seafood Co. came to be after many years of dreaming about it. Luke, and myself (Katie) have always had a passion for cooking, especially seafood. We've actually always planned our vacations to places where we could indulge in all the sea has to offer. Early in our twenties, we visited a market in NYC called Citarella. We were enamored by the store in general but specifically its seafood department. There were no such offerings to be had in the Capital Region and we dreamt of opening a seafood market of our own. We've held many jobs between the two of us and have done virtually everything there is to do in the restaurant industry and so we started trying to make it happen. Alas at the ripe age of 24 we were simply not ready. Nearly ten years later we found ourselves unfulfilled in the positions we had and decided to take the plunge and make the dream a reality, and so, Hooked Seafood Co. was born.

Hooked Seafood Co. Only Offers Fresh (NEVER Frozen) Seafood - We'd Love To Serve You!

We offer all fresh, never frozen seafood that we bring in from Boston twice per week. We also have a full kitchen where we whip up everything from scratch as we are committed to serving the best quality product we possibly can. Our priority and reason for doing what we do is to offer a top quality product along with all of the knowledge that we have to you, our loyal customers. While we expected the sleepless nights and very long days we never could have imagined the relationships we would build. We have been blessed with an amazing staff who we feel are family and have grown to know so many of our customers as friends. We are so appreciative of our experiences this past year and look forward to many more years as your local fish-slingers.
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